Concrete floors
The main company program are the industrial concrete floors. The dominant part take the armour concrete floors. The system of the concrete floors with the special coating consists of monolithic conjuction of the bearing concrete board with the resistant topping layer made by the concrete slip. The slip consists of the mixed composits with the highly resistant filler made of titan, alumina, silicon, concrete and aggregates. The resistant, about 3mm thick treading layer arises after the machine application of the slip into the fresh concrete. The treading layer is coated by the acrylic asphalt immediately after the smoothing. The result of the process is the floor with extremely durable, abrasionproof, dustproof surface, which is naturally non-skid with increased resistance to water, oil and oil products.
The high popularity and extension of these floors says much not only about their utility parameters, but also about their substantial advantages in comparison with the other types of industrial floors. Armour concrete floors offer:
  • Lucrative price
  • - price is better in comparison with other types of industrial floors i.e. multilayer, synthetic and hydraulic base floors
  • Fast realisation
  • - complete floor including the slip and concrete curing slip-cover is realized in a single day
  • Fast availability
  • - floor forming process is very fast and it can be modified by means of construction chemistry to fulfil investor's requirments so that operation lock-out can be optimal (minimal)
  • Long durability
  • - lifetime of industrial floors is more than 20 years
    Construction of the bearing concrete board
    One layer system is the most convenient bearing concrete board system due to economical, time-saving and also statics reasons. The concrete floor is set directly on the concreted background, the earth humidity isolation or other kind of isolation. The concrete floor is reinforced with the welded steel grid (KARI) or with the dispersed steel fibre. The INS company cooperates in this field with the BEKAERT company and uses its dispersed steel fibre DRAMIX. This steel fibre with the scrolled ends made of highly resistant steel wire (1000 MPa min.) advances the similar products on the market by its technical parameters.
    The bottom layer
    The bottom layer has very strong influence to the technical parameters and also to the economical evaluation of industrial floor. Therefore, it is needed to pay a great attention to the project of the bottom layer structure. The suitable project of the bottom layer can decrease the costs of the concrete bearing board itself. On the other hand, the bottom layer design or realisation defects must be eliminated by inefficient overdimensioning of the concrete bearing board.